BioBubble Bird Bundle Product Review

The BioBubble Bird Bundle is a birdcage with a bubble on the top that has a 360 views with no wires. It’s similar to all the other BioBubble products. What you will notice is that the birdcage has a wire construction that makes it unique in the product line. You will be able to look through the top of the cage with the crystal clear view! The small bird cage is 18x18x18 inches. It comes with food and water cups but does not come with the swing toy in the photo below.

BioBubble Bird Bundle Issues

The Amazon reviews indicate that there are several issues that make the rating low. One customer suggested that it could be an expensive travel cage but that it is too small for even a very small pet bird. Another customer said that its clear dome is not good for their parakeet because he doesn’t see the plastic and flies into it while trying to get out. It would be best to purchase this cage if you plan to let your bird fly freely in the room most of the time.

Other things to consider when choosing a cage for your bird include matching the perch size to the feet of the bird. You want to make sure the cage is in a safe location and will not be knocked over easily. It’s nice to set up the cage so that the fluff and the seed are kept in the cage and not spread around the room. Take the time to research the materials from the food to the toys and cleaning supplies too. Always pay attention to your bird to see if it’s healthy and adjust to fit their specifications if you have any questions about your pet’s health than you should ask a vet.

BioBubble Bird Bundle

3 BioBubble Bird Bundle


  • Modern Looking


  • Small Size
  • Clear Plastic
360 Viewing
Cage Size
Modern Looking

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