The BioBubble Reptile Bundle Review

The BioBubble Reptile Bundle is a cage for your small reptile. It’s suggested, by one of the customer reviews, that the pen is great for tiny reptiles, like snails. The BioBubble cages are made from clear plastic and, because they are designed for small animals, would be great for a child’s first pet. Like the other products, the dimensions of the reptile habitat are 18 x18 x18 inches and just under 10 lbs. The bundle does not come with a light. The light is more important for reptiles as they are cold-blooded animals and need lights to warm up. Depending on where you live and the type of pet you have, you might not need a light.

Modifying the BioBubble Reptile Bundle

Consider what is possible if you change the home for your reptile pet. With this system, you can stack one cage on top of the other and make something larger. If you mix and match the different elements to fit the needs of your pet, that is best. One customer reviewed the product on Amazon and detailed the modifications they made. This customer had issues with mold and solved this problem by adding more ventilation to the setup that included plants and two Crested Geckos.

The BioBubble products have a unique look to them, and their modular design might appeal most to people who like customizing their products. It is important to remember that taking care of a pet is about more than looks. The pet needs to be safe and well cared for in the home. Be sure to consult an expert or professional when selecting materials. Watch your pet to see if they can quickly get out of the cage and adjust as needed. If you have any concerns about the health of your pet, please consult a local vet.


BioBubble Reptile Bundle

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