Pets love this ceramic pet fountain

Make your pet feel like a prince or princess with this woodland inspired ceramic drinking fountain! It is like drinking from a stream in a land of fairies.

Pets love drinking from running water sources. It goes back to their natural instincts. Treat your pet to a fresh bowl of water in this beautiful fountain!

This artsy looking fountain is 1.3 liters, supplying plenty of H20 every day for small and medium dogs and cats. A charcoal filter continuously purifies and softens tap water, removing hair sediment and debris, creating a deliciously hydrating experience for your fur baby.

FXQIN Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain Green

FXQIN Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain Green

9.3 FXQIN Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain Green


  • Artsy looking
  • Low power consumption
  • 1.3 liters
Pets' preference

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