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Your picky cat will LOVE it! Merrick Backcountry Dry Cat Food Review

Cats are weirdos. If you’re a cat owner you know this. They’ll like a certain brand of food one day, and then won’t eat it a week later for no apparent reason. When experimenting with new cat food options it is really important to take into consideration protein and ingredient quality. There is a LOT of crappy cat food on the market. Take the time to learn what is in yours!

Merrick Backcountry Dry Cat Food

Flavor Name: Game Bird Recipe

  • #1 Ingredient Is Real Deboned Chicken
  • Freeze-Dried Real Raw Poultry Pieces To Lock In Fresh Taste
  • Grain-Free Nutrition With No Gluten Ingredients For Easier Digestibility
  • Everyday Nutrients Your Cat Needs With Delicious Aroma, Texture And Taste. Omega Fatty Acid Rich Recipe For Healthy Skin And Fur.
  • Cooked in the USA


Merrick Backcountry Dry Cat Food

Quality 9.2
Cost 9.3
Pets' preference 9.1

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