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Mondol Publishing Corp

We have companies in real estate sales and development, wine making, and in the publishing business.

We started our publishing business to provide easy answers on a variety of subjects.

My son, Max, and I started Teen Health Magazine to provide helpful information and easy answers for teens and their families and Pets Health Magazine to help pets and their owners live fulfilled lives. We have started several other magazines since, on topics ranging from College Reviews, Photography, Travel, Dating, Romantic Weddings, Real Estate, Sexual Health, Surgery Reviews, and Food & Wine.

Horse Podcast Ep 151: Trail Riding Gadgets You Really Need! — Equestrian Adventuresses™

In today’s podcast episode we talk about a couple of really useful electronic and non-electronic gadgets, every trail rider needs. From a helmet brim to battery packs we tell you which trail riding gadgets we like to take along on day or multiple day rides for safety and […]