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Why your cat needs a water fountain!

Have you caught your little critter creeping into the shower after you walk out? Fascinated by the dripping water. Cats can be weird finicky beasts! The reason cats have a strong preference for running water is that they dislike standing water, even the fresh stuff! Dripping or swirling […]

Hot Birds Need A Bird Bath

Just like people, birds get hot and thirsty. Especially during the blistering summer months, your favorite flying friends may be roasting in their feathers. Help out your local birds and provide them with a shady spot to splash, play, bathe, and drinkóa bird bath! Especially in areas that […]

Bringing Home A New Pet

Make sure your new baby starts off with healthy food and treats. It all starts now. Once you cultivate certain eating habits, it’s almost impossible to break them, especially with cats. It is not uncommon for a cat to get hooked on one food only. If that food […]