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adorable vizsla dog

Do you know how your dog is feeling?

How do we know how to tell how our pup is feeling? Is he friendly or afraid? Alert or aggressive?

Hamster scrabbles, pony wanders and new additions 🐾— Life, Loves and Adventures

Oh how we enjoyed this blog by amischiefmanaged, Check out the full blog here: https://amischiefmanaged.wordpress.com/2021/05/20/animal-updates-%f0%9f%a5%b0-hamster-scrabbles-pony-wanders-and-new-additions-%f0%9f%90%be/ The last month or so has been a good one for pets little and large, and an exciting one for us all as a family. Little Sandy hamster has been doing well, despite […]

Sooo… We Lost Our Cool at the Chicken Auction — Accidental Homesteader

Cuteness alert! Look at this darling baby goat that the  accidentalhomesteaderblog rescued! You won’t want to miss the cuteness! Check out the full post: https://accidentalhomesteader.blog/2021/05/01/sooo-we-lost-our-cool-at-the-chicken-auction/ We are suckers. There was a little goat who had a bad leg. She was cute and made little happy goat sounds. So […]